Art for Barks Nets Prestigious Attention

August 28, 2014

RANCHO SANTA FE — Art for Barks, a relatively new nonprofit founded in Rancho Santa Fe, is garnering celebrity status attention and support.

This online nonprofit mobilizes animal theme artists, authors, and educators to assist animal rescue charities and service dogs. Its recent emergence is unique, and described by many, as magnetic.

Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” and world regarded pet training professional, Victoria Stilwell, have climbed on board Art for Barks and support its mission…

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Victoria Stilwell - Art for Barks

Celebrity Dog Expert Victoria Stilwell Embeds In The State Farm® Arson Dog Training Program For New Web Series

August 13, 2014
If arson is an ‘under the radar’ crime, the dogs and handlers who uncover hidden clues at fire scenes to detect arson fraud are positively invisible. In a major new web series, celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell It’s Me or the Dog, Animal Planet) steps outside her comfort zone of domestic pet training to follow (and sometimes join) a class of new human and canine recruits as they undergo rigorous and intense training to become world–class fire scene investigative teams.
In her long and distinguished career as one of the world’s pre–eminent dog behavior experts, Stilwell has seen just about everything in the dog world, but watching arson dogs develop into fraud–detecting crime fighters left this seasoned canine specialist in awe.

“Like most people, I did not know too much about what arson dogs did or how they worked, but witnessing the awesome power of these amazing dogs’ sense of smell and watching the strength of the bond and level of communication between the handler and dog was truly inspiring,” says Stilwell. “After just scratching the surface learning about what these unique teams do on a daily basis, I knew right away that I wanted to bring greater awareness and appreciation of their work to my audience and beyond.”…

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Train the Children, Says Canine Expert

May 24, 2014

CHILDREN should be given canine safety classes in Scottish primary schools, according to one of the world’s most respected dog trainers who says it would help prevent children being attacked and injured.

Victoria Stilwell, creator of Channel 4’s It’s Me or the Dog, said urgent action is needed to tackle a rise in dog attacks that in some cases have left children scarred for life…

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State Farm® Teams Up with Canine Expert Victoria Stilwell to Take a Bite Out of Dog Attacks

May 15, 2014

Dogs are a member of the family, so many owners think that their dog won’t bite. Unfortunately for the 4.5 million victims of dog bites and attacks each year, this isn’t true. Any dog can bite, regardless of the breed. State Farm and Victoria Stilwell, internationally renowned dog trainer, author and star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, have joined forces to teach people how to be responsible pet owners and reduce the number of dog bites…

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The Heartwarming Adoption of a Dog Named “No Name”

December 14, 2013

From BeHumane.Org:

Victoria Stilwell here—wishing you a happy holiday season and sharing a wonderful story to warm your heart!

As you know, when American Humane Association’s Red Star team rushes to the scene of a natural disaster or other emergency, our #1 goal is to rescue lost pets, keep them safe, and reunite them with the families that have lost them. We do all this thanks to your caring support!

But what happens when the family can’t be located, and the lost animal is left homeless? This is the story of one such dog. I’m going to call him “No Name.”

No Name was rescued after a severe tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma earlier this year. We didn’t know where he came from, and we didn’t know his name. We only knew he was sweet and loving, with a beautiful face and big brown eyes to melt your heart.

We all hoped his family would come to claim him…but no one did. So AHA worked with the local shelter to stage a huge adoption event, hoping to find loving forever homes for No Name and the other rescued animals…

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