My Pet World (Article)

Q: One or both of our male dogs is lifting his leg on two different sofas and a chair. We adopted our two male cockapoos to keep our slightly older female cockapoo company. Could this be two jealous boys both wanting the female? — J. P., Jenks, Okla.

A: Victoria Stilwell, of Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog,” says there are two immediate considerations. If the onset of this behavior is sudden, particularly if only one dog is the culprit, see your vet to rule out a medical issue. Secondly, if the boys aren’t neutered, “consider snipping.” If the female is not spayed, either, all three dogs need “fixing.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if one dog is copying the others and you have a pissing contest going on,” says Stilwell, based in Atlanta.

“Keep the dogs supervised at all times, as if they were puppies,” she says. “So, if they’re crate trained, keep them in (separate) crates. Or keep them in a kitchen behind a gate. Or tether the dogs to you. The goal is eliminate the possibility of either dog running off into corner and lifting a leg. Also, it’s important to remove the odor with an efficient odor neutralizer.”

Stilwell adds, “Go for lots of on-leash walks, having them mark on their walks rather than inside your house.”

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