Join the Fight Against Animal Cruelty Android Apps

From Victoria’s Facebook;

The Dog Wars app is not going away because they have annouced that they are working on bringing it back:

I ask the creators to come & justify their actions to us all. Are you cowards? Stop hiding behind your computers so that we can all see who you are. I invite you to speak with me in person.

Many other animal activists have also joined to have this game pulled.

For more information, check out THIS blog – at the bottom of the post is everything you need to contact the people that brought you Dog Wars.

UPDATE: Another “invite” from Victoria – just posted on her Facebook (at 12:55pm PST):

“They’re probably loving this publicity and that drives me crazy, but I will continue to challenge them to justify their actions without hiding behind a bastardized concept of free speech. Come find me, cowards.

Here’s how you can help: sign this petition asking Android to remove this despicable dog fighting app once and for all:”

Click HERE to sign the petition.