An Interview with Victoria Stilwell’s Dog

Sadie is a gorgeous (and most certainly well-behaved) chocolate lab whose person is Victoria Stilwell. When I had the opportunity to chat with her, we discussed matters of cosmic importance. Did Devin mention that I’m not just another pretty face?

Talisman: I believe that, in the cosmic design, we animals are here to help people find their way. Presume I am correct (of course) and tell me what human you were born to help and what lesson you are here to help that person learn?

Sadie: It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally settled down with my true family. The youngest in the family was very scared of even happy dogs like me before I arrived, but I helped her get over that really quickly. So it seems pretty clear that my main purpose here is to continue to develop alongside her as she figures out all the crazy stuff those humans have to deal with…

Sadie with Victoria

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