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I recently had the chance to catch up with my friend and dog training guru Dr. Patricia McConnell to chat about her latest book, Love Has No Age Limit.  Love this woman and what she does!

Victoria Stilwell:   Hi Patricia!  So glad you could find a few minutes to talk to me about your new book (which I love, by the way.)  As you know, you have been a huge influence on me as a dog trainer and I’m honored to be able to talk dog with you!

Patricia McConnell:  The honor is all mine, Victoria, it’s a joy to talk to someone who has done so much to promote humane (and effective!) dog training.

VS:  Why did you and your co-author, Karen London, decide to write Love Has No Age Limit?

PM:  We wrote the book to both encourage adoptions and, as importantly, to increase the percentage of successful ones. We’ve both had many clients over the years who adopted dogs from shelters and rescues who needed some guidance about how to transition their adopted dog from “new dog” to “best dog ever.”

Patricia McConnell with Victoria

Patricia McConnell with Victoria

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