Victoria Stilwell is NOT a Dog Killer!

It boggles the mind that with all the positive stuff you hear about Victoria Stilwell, on a DAILY basis mind you, that there are still people out there that criticize her for the ONE show where a dog is put down.  Give me a break people!  If that was your child, that had been bitten multiple times, AND, not to mention, MAULED – what would you do?  Besides, Victoria is NOT a veterinarian, she’s a dog trainer.  The family of the dog had already been advised to put the dog down, by their Vet., BEFORE Victoria even got there!!  Why is everyone attacking her about it???  In a statement from Victoria, she explains that there had been issues with this dog from the beginning, and the family only waited to put the dog to sleep because Victoria was coming in to see what she could do about its behavior.  Victoria isn’t a miracle worker, but after over a hundred episodes, it’s amazing that there was only one case of an uncontrollable dog.

I believe it’s the Millan-ites that are spreading this around – focusing on this one instance to make Victoria, and her training methods, look bad – so Cesar Millan will look better.  Well Millan-ites, here are some facts that you may want to consider;

1.  Victoria has NEVER been bitten by a dog – Millan, several times.  This is information from THEM!  Does this just prove that Millan works with “more dangerous dogs”?  Uh, no – it proves that Millan uses the dominant/submissive methodology of training that is WAY out dated – that has been proven does NOT work – and still he puts himself in danger by alpha-rolling, choke collars, shock collars, etc…

2.  How many times has Victoria been sued by a client?  ZERO!  The same cannot be said for Millan.

3.  Whose show has a “Do not try this at home” warning?  That would be Millan – so what are you learning from him?  That his training methods are DANGEROUS – and even the network that carries him agrees.  Obviously his show is for entertainment purposes only – as they suggest you don’t try his methods yourself.  However, “It’s Me or the Dog” has no warning, and Victoria travels the world to teach you, during live events, exactly what you see on the show.

Cesar Millan KNOWS that his methods are severely out-dated, and it’s pathetic and sad that the network that carries him continues to feature him instead of doing the research regarding dog training.

Other accusations I have seen regarding Victoria and her training methods:

Giving a dog food rewards isn’t healthy and teaches them that they should expect food whenever they do something.  NO – Victoria suggests food only to a food motivated dog.  Her other suggestions have been praise and toys.  AND she says that you can, after time, be sporadic with the “treating” so the dog doesn’t know when he’ll get it, so he’ll offer the positive behavior in hopes of it.

Victoria medicates dogs that are hard to handle – well this is just a ridiculous claim as Victoria is NOT in the position to give dogs medication, being a trainer.  She will however, invite someone who DOES know what they’re doing (ie: a vet) to the home to examine the behavior.  It is the VET who prescribes the medication, NOT Victoria.

Victoria gets peed on/humped by some of the dogs she trains – these are dogs people.  One of the reasons Victoria is called in is to STOP the peeing/messing/humping, etc…  it’s called training.

Victoria never works with “dangerous” dogs – this isn’t even close to being true.  Most of the dogs that Victoria has worked with in her 15 years of training have been aggressive in one way or another.

Victoria just got a dog recently, and she can’t even handle that one.  Victoria got her dog in the last few years because she didn’t want to bring a dog into the house unless she knew it would be taken care of (some people need to learn this idea actually), and there was nothing wrong with Sadie (her chocolate lab), except she was a little overweight – something that her previous owner had done.  Victoria now has Sadie at the perfect weight for a lab, and she also has another dog.  Both are well.

Fans of both Victoria and Cesar Millan are very loyal to each of them.  However, if you’re going to make half-assed accusations about either of them, you really need to back those up with cold hard facts.  Everything I’ve said here can be checked out.  Can you say the same when you attack someone on that video or forum?

Personally, I think that people should stop fighting about it and just focus on training their dogs in the way that is best – the way that won’t hurt the dog, or make the dog scared or fearful of you.  Yep, I’m talking about Positive Reinforcement…  it’s the better way to invite your dog to offer you a behavior because it wants to, and not because it feels threatened.

Like Victoria has said “‘Any person can make an animal behave through force and fear.”

Check out a bio of Victoria HERE.