Dog Guru Brings Live Show to Pullo Center

If Cesar Millan, star of TV’s “Dog Whisperer,” is, as he frequently says, the pack leader, then Victoria Stilwell, star of TV’s “It’s Me or the Dog,” is the pack cheerleader.

“You can’t fight aggression with dominance,” Stilwell said, making the case for encouragement and positivity in training animals, rather than assertiveness, during a recent phone interview from her home in Atlanta. “You have to change the way the dog feels inside.”

According to PBS Nature’s “Dogs: A History,” Americans own 65 million dogs, and the U.S. reports almost 5 million dog bites annually, with most inflicted on children. Clearly, this is a country in need of guidance when it comes to our reputed best friends.

Who better to help than the Humane League’s official national ambassador, Victoria Stilwell?

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Victoria Stillwell will take the stage at Penn State-York's Pullo Center at 7:30pm, Thursday, November 10th.