eHow Pets Officially Launches on YouTube!

What we’ve been waiting for is finally here – the official launch of the eHow Pets Channel on YouTube!

Join Victoria, and others, in interviews, training tips (teaching your dog to sit, come when called, positive training, etc…), and surprises – all on a FREE channel that you can subscribe to!

The videos are short and to the point, with easy to follow instructions that you can use without harming yourself, or your dog.  And as I have a new dog, these videos are very important.  But everyone, even if you’ve had your dog for awhile, can benefit from them.  🙂

Here’s a sample video with Victoria (with her Chocolate Lab Sadie), explaining the positive reinforcement methods that she uses to train:

You can see this, and many other videos, by subscribing – for FREE – to the eHow Pets YouTube channel!  Just click HERE to subscribe!!!