Banfield Pet Hospital and Victoria Stilwell Team Up for InFURvention Event to Help Cat Owners

If your gentle, quiet kitty suddenly goes bonkers, morphing into a demon-cat in fight mode the second the “dreaded” cat carrier appears, trust me, you are not alone. In fact, with 86 million felines living as pets in homes throughout the United States, one-third of cat guardians sharing their hearth with cats, succumb to their “ferocious felines” tooth and nail struggle and succumb to their kitty’s tantrums. That’s right; they simply throw up their hands in frustration to avoid a battle royal and skip the trip to the vet altogether.

Since veterinary care is an essential part of cat guardianship, Banfield Pet Hospital (the largest veterinary practice in the world) and Animal Planet’s Victoria Stilwell have teamed up to stage an “inFURvention” aimed at assisting cat owners overcome their difficulties getting their kitty into the carrier. At the same time they are raising awareness about the importance of regular veterinary visits. Cats rarely show symptoms of pain or illness as a hard-wired survival strategy. This makes routine vet visits even more essential to protect pets from life-threatening illness.

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