Rewarding Dogs

It’s easy to understand why Victoria Stilwell has become one of the world’s most respected dog trainers—her positive, reward-based approach effectively trains not only dogs, but their guardians as well. With a hit show, It’s Me or the Dog, on Animal Planet and two best-selling books, Stilwell knows a thing or two about keeping our dogs at their best. We sat down with her to learn more.

TAILS: The last time you spoke to us you described your training method as positive and reward based. Is this still your approach?
Victoria Stilwell: Absolutely. And what’s great is that now people are starting to get why: They’re starting to see all of this stuff on television with regards to dominance training and dominating animals into submission, and how it’s causing psychological damage to the dogs and making them more aggressive. Positive, humane reinforcement methods are much safer and effective in the long run. It’s great that more people are embracing it…

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