Release Date Set for Guardians of the Night (with Video)

If you’ve been keeping up with the many activities that Victoria has been involved in for the last few years – you have to have heard of the web series she’s been working on, called “Guardians of the Night”. A web-docudrama involving the Gwinnet County Sheriff’s Department, and their K9 partners. Victoria goes all in to get the story behind the way the officers and dogs work together. Here’s a feature from HLN that focuses on the series and the K9s:

This particular video was released in 2014 if that gives you any idea how long we’ve been waiting. Obviously some very hard work went into it, and Victoria and her crew wanted to make sure we to see the best of the best.

The release date has finally been set – February 21st – yep, next month! This series will be featured on Victoria’s official website (, and her official YouTube channel, so remember to check those sites out to watch it (and there will be an update posted on this blog when it’s available).

There you go – get ready for an amazing, never before seen, web series!