Dog Bites and the Importance of Education

by Louise Stapleton-Frappell

I was very fortunate to be able to attend PPG Special Council member Victoria Stilwell​’s second Annual Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference, held earlier this month at the University of Lincoln in England.

The conference is a national event dedicated to finding practical and workable solutions to the issue of dog bites through education and heightened awareness. It began with a welcome introduction by Victoria Stilwell, which had us all eagerly awaiting the presentations that were to follow.

A view of the University of Lincoln.

A view of the University of Lincoln.

Three of the presenters hailed from the University of Lincoln itself. These included Daniel Mills, professor of veterinary behavioural medicine, who gave an in depth presentation titled: “Not All Dogs That Bite Are Scared! Insights into the Emotional Basis of Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs”; Kerstin Meints, professor of developmental psychology, who gave a lecture titled: “Children and Dogs – Risks and Interventions”; and Todd Hogue, professor of forensic psychology, who gave a very interesting presentation titled: “A Forensic Psychology Approach to Managing Dog Bite Risk.”…



Victoria Stilwell, It’s Me or the Dog at Barkworld 2011

Video presented by Nylabone Products – Join the star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell, as she discusses her passion for positive dog training and delivers tips on how dog lovers can effectively leverage social media tools to promote causes they believe in.

And an interview from Barkworld 2011

Victoria Stilwell, It’s Me or the Dog. Video presented by Nylabone Products

Victoria Stilwell Positively Dominated At BarkWorld Expo

Victoria Stilwell (bow)wowed the audience at BarkWorld with her blend of positive reinforcement training and social media. Several hundred “petworkers” drank in Stilwell’s passion for positive reinforcement training, and many considered this session the very best in the stellar program.

“Dominating your dog, especially with contraptions,” Stilwell said, “is a show of human weakness.”..

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