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Meet one of the most recognizable humans in the animal kingdom-Victoria Stilwell.

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Ways to Protect Your Children From a Dog Bite

NEW YORK (CNN) – According the ASPCA half of all kids will be bitten by a dog before they turn 12. Now, not all dog bites are severe, some are just “nips”, but nearly 800,000 people require medical attention because of a dog bite, each year.

Animal trainer and behaviorist, Victoria Stilwell, teaches kids and their parents the right way to interact with dogs, “Children are naturally gregarious. They are loud; they have their body movements their arms, running around with high pitched voices. This could all really elicit a negative reaction from a dog.”…

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Reading Dog’s Body Language Helps Prevent Bites

Dogs bite more than 4.7 million Americans each year and about 800,000 of these require medical attention.

However, there are steps we can take to help prevent dog bites.

We’ve all heard the expression, a dog is a man’s best friend. But to make this relationship work, people need to learn to read a dog’s body language to help prevent dog bites.

“Most dogs that bite are only doing so because they are scared and want to warn you to back away. That’s what aggression achieves – distance,” dog trainer Victoria Stilwell said.

So if you’re meeting a dog for the first time the most important thing to remember is give it space. Do not go into that dog’s space.

Let the dog come to you, Stilwell said. Turn your body to the side so that you look less threatening, put your hand in a fist and hold your hand down so the dog can sniff your fist.

“When you meet a dog as well, don’t stare in its eyes. Don’t smile at it. Because staring at its eyes is a challenge, is a threat,” she said.

Pet the animal on the back of the neck or on his back and not on the top of the head, she said.

Yawning and lip licking may be signs that the dog feels uncomfortable and wants you to back away.

Try not to run from a dog or scream. If you do get knocked over, roll into a ball, lie still and cover your head.

When it comes to avoiding dog bites, knowing what to look for in our 4-legged friends can help both man and dog stay safe.



Tips for Adopting the Best Shelter Dog by Victoria Stilwell

By Victoria Stilwell, Special to CNN
June 11, 2011 3:06 a.m. EDT

(CNN) — The shelter dog is often perceived as unpredictable and inferior to one that is bought from a pricey breeder or a pet store. The thought of giving a home to a dog with an unknown history also puts many people off. But while some dogs are relinquished to shelters because of problem behavior, most are surrendered because of a change in the family situation.

Shelters can be overwhelming places to visit, so give yourself time when going through the adoption process and make decisions with your head as well as your heart…

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