And So It Begins…

Today is the day! The first episode of “Guardians of the Night” has been launched! Meet the K9s and their handlers, and find out just how the partnership can work in different situations. You can see how tight they are – and this first episode sets the scene for these dynamic duos:

“Guardians of the Night” is a weekly web series, and can be found on Victoria’s Facebook Page, and her YouTube Page.


Misinformation About Dog Behavior is Rampant – and Sad, Expert Says

TV dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is registering an official complaint: “Dogs aren’t allowed to be dogs anymore,” she says. “It’s great they’re living in our homes, but they have less freedom.”

victoria-stilwell-smileStilwell, best known from the Animal Planet show “It’s Me or the Dog,” explains that all dogs were all bred to do something, but today most are unemployed with no outlet to express natural behaviors.

“Dogs share our bedrooms. We love them. But how often are we there for them? We’re so busy now,” she says.

All these factors combined explain why today’s dogs are suffering from more behavior problems, according to Stilwell…

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Victoria Talking “Positively” on Better Mornings Atlanta

Victoria appeared on “Better Mornings Atlanta” this morning, to talk about positive training, her new book, and the book signing event she will be having tomorrow evening.

Check out the video by clicking the photo below:


Victoria Stilwell Shares Tips to Stop Dogs From Biting

Because the First National Dog Bite Investigation, Treatment and Prevention Conference is taking place in Atlanta on May 4th, we here at the VSFans News page would like to share this podcast from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) that was taped two years ago.

In this podcast, Victoria shares training tips to help prevent dog bites.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

If you are in Atlanta, Georgia, and you want to attend the First National Dog Bite Investigation, Treatment and Prevention Conference – click HERE to RSVP.

Dog Trainer and TV Star Meets Students in Canton


Dog trainer and television star Victoria Stilwell will meet with students in Cherokee County on Wednesday about her work to promote animal welfare.

Stilwell, the star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or The Dog was invited to speak by the Cherokee County Homeless Pets Club…

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