Victoria Talks About Her Dog Training Academy – And Answers Some Dog Training Questions

Victoria had another episode of her running series “On the Stoop” this morning (which you can also view on her official Facebook page) – and her guest was the CEO of the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy (and her husband), Van Zeiler.

Van and Victoria answered questions from people all over the world – who were curious about what the academy is all about.

During this interview – you find out things like; when the academy began, how long they’ve been creating it, what classes are like, how often the classes are held (in the US and the UK), and more. A lot of information in a small amount of time.

Of course, if you have any more questions – you can check out the official VSA website at

After Van and Victoria discuss the academy for a bit – Victoria hangs out to answer some dog training questions.

A great load of information regarding the VSA and dog training in general.

To watch the video – click the picture below:



Call of Duty – Public Safety Community Honored

The Rotary Club of Canton held its second annual Public Safety Appreciation Luncheon Tuesday honoring officers who go above and beyond the call of duty in Cherokee County.

About 300 public safety officials, family members, and friends filled the Bluffs in Canton to honor those that put their lives on the line every day for the safety of the county….

victoria-stilwell-rotary-club…Guest speaker and television personality for Animal Planet, Victoria Stilwell said it wasn’t until she started volunteering at the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, that she fully realized what public safety members do.

“I went to a training seminar and four years later, I’m still working with them. The most important thing is that I think that I’ve been blessed for giving the honor of riding with these guys for four years and finding out what it’s like to be in this world,” she said. “I don’t think any civilian has the appreciation of what law enforcement does.”

Stilwell said she felt she was now a part of the brotherhood and sisterhood.

“I’m not a police officer and am not saying I am one, but because I’ve ridden with these guys for four years, I’ve really truly experienced what it is like to be on the front lines,” she said.  “I’m there with my camera and we go out into all of the incidences that our guys are called into. That gave me such an appreciation.”…