Lennox – The Whole Story – The Hidden Cost of BSL

Attorney Fred Kray and his co-host Jo Staats will discuss with Victoria Stilwell the entire behind the scenes story of Lennox. Katie Bray Barnett from Best Friends and John Dunham will discuss how to calculate all the costs of BSL, including enforcement. Regular segments include:

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Celebrity Dog Trainer Says She Was Threatened Over ‘Save Lennox’ Campaign

Following a weekend of protests over the Belfast City Council’s (BCC) killing of Lennox the dog, a celebrity dog trainer has claimed she was threatened over her support of the campaign.

Animal Planet dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, star of the TV show “It’s Me or The Dog” says she was harassed by BCC over her support of the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign.

Stilwell questioned the credentials of the Council’s expert who assessed the breed of the dog and as a result they allegedly threatened the dog expert with legal action…

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Gehrt: Lennox Offers Life Lesson for All

His tale tugged at the heartstrings of animal lovers all over the world. Lennox, a beloved dog in Northern Ireland, was ripped away from his family and condemned to die merely for resembling a “pit bull-type dog” — which is illegal in that country.

But despite international outcry, a viral “Save Lennox” campaign that drew more than 200,000 supporters, including lawmakers and celebrities, and protests on both sides of the Atlantic, efforts to save his life failed last week when the Belfast City Council announced Lennox had been executed…

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