Victoria Talks About Her Dog Training Academy – And Answers Some Dog Training Questions

Victoria had another episode of her running series “On the Stoop” this morning (which you can also view on her official Facebook page) – and her guest was the CEO of the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy (and her husband), Van Zeiler.

Van and Victoria answered questions from people all over the world – who were curious about what the academy is all about.

During this interview – you find out things like; when the academy began, how long they’ve been creating it, what classes are like, how often the classes are held (in the US and the UK), and more. A lot of information in a small amount of time.

Of course, if you have any more questions – you can check out the official VSA website at

After Van and Victoria discuss the academy for a bit – Victoria hangs out to answer some dog training questions.

A great load of information regarding the VSA and dog training in general.

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