Victoria Talks About Her Dog Training Academy – And Answers Some Dog Training Questions

Victoria had another episode of her running series “On the Stoop” this morning (which you can also view on her official Facebook page) – and her guest was the CEO of the Victoria Stilwell Dog Training Academy (and her husband), Van Zeiler.

Van and Victoria answered questions from people all over the world – who were curious about what the academy is all about.

During this interview – you find out things like; when the academy began, how long they’ve been creating it, what classes are like, how often the classes are held (in the US and the UK), and more. A lot of information in a small amount of time.

Of course, if you have any more questions – you can check out the official VSA website at

After Van and Victoria discuss the academy for a bit – Victoria hangs out to answer some dog training questions.

A great load of information regarding the VSA and dog training in general.

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Dog Training Tips Live From the Couch

Victoria Talks About the Power of Positive Training on NY’s Live From the Couch.  (3/22/2013)

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Renowned Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell: TRAIN YOUR DOG POSITIVELY!

Train-Your-Dog-Positively-Victoria StilwellHas anyone ever told you that if your dog goes through an open door ahead of you it’s a sign that he’s asserting his dominance? Or if a dog walks in front of you or pulls on a leash he is doing so because he wants to be pack leader? What about lying on a sofa, sleeping in your bed, or growling at you as you take his bone away? Are these really all signs of an intense struggle between man and dog over status in the household? Is everything dogs think, feel, and do the result of an unmitigated desire to dominate us and everything else in their quest to become top dog?

Concepts like these have been pounded into our public consciousness for decades, leading people to believe that any type of misbehavior by their dogs is a byproduct of an innate, instinctive desire to be dominant over everything and everyone—especially humans. This assumption forms the foundation of traditional dog training ideology, despite advances in modern behavioral science that prove unequivocally that such so-called “dominance theory” is virtually useless in terms of understanding canine behavior. Indeed, most of the information still available to the general public continues to promote and endorse solutions to a dominance problem that doesn’t really exist—at least not in the way some might think it does…

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Victoria on “Good Day New York”

MYFOXNY.COM – Dog trainer Victoria Stillwell is often referred to as the ‘pet whisperer’ due to her success with using positive reinforcement to train dogs. She’ll show viewers some of her techniques on several adoptable pets in the morning.

Victoria Stilwell - Good Day New York

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Train a Dog to Not Be Overprotective (Videos)

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