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Meet one of the most recognizable humans in the animal kingdom-Victoria Stilwell.

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Art for Barks Nets Prestigious Attention

RANCHO SANTA FE — Art for Barks, a relatively new nonprofit founded in Rancho Santa Fe, is garnering celebrity status attention and support.

This online nonprofit mobilizes animal theme artists, authors, and educators to assist animal rescue charities and service dogs. Its recent emergence is unique, and described by many, as magnetic.

Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian,” and world regarded pet training professional, Victoria Stilwell, have climbed on board Art for Barks and support its mission…

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Victoria Stilwell - Art for Barks

The Heartwarming Adoption of a Dog Named “No Name”

From BeHumane.Org:

Victoria Stilwell here—wishing you a happy holiday season and sharing a wonderful story to warm your heart!

As you know, when American Humane Association’s Red Star team rushes to the scene of a natural disaster or other emergency, our #1 goal is to rescue lost pets, keep them safe, and reunite them with the families that have lost them. We do all this thanks to your caring support!

But what happens when the family can’t be located, and the lost animal is left homeless? This is the story of one such dog. I’m going to call him “No Name.”

No Name was rescued after a severe tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma earlier this year. We didn’t know where he came from, and we didn’t know his name. We only knew he was sweet and loving, with a beautiful face and big brown eyes to melt your heart.

We all hoped his family would come to claim him…but no one did. So AHA worked with the local shelter to stage a huge adoption event, hoping to find loving forever homes for No Name and the other rescued animals…

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