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Meet one of the most recognizable humans in the animal kingdom-Victoria Stilwell.

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Victoria Stilwell, Dog Trainer and TV Host, Speaks with Dogster

To call Victoria Stilwell outspoken is an understatement.

For example, the dog trainer and behavior consultant describes dominance training — a controversial method that uses fear as a motivator — as “the greatest tragedy to happen in dog training today.” Quite simply, “It’s bullying. Dog bullying.”

But Stilwell is not all in-your-face all the time. She’s active in working with rescue groups and shelters, among other groups, and she has adopted two dogs of her own. Stilwell’s most prominent role is host of the Animal Planet show, It’s Me or the Dog, which she describes as something of a fluke.

“I was lucky enough to come up with an idea that took off very quickly,” she said…

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Del Mar Dog Trainer Specializes in Shelter Adoptions

DEL MAR — Last year, approximately 8,412 dogs were euthanized by the San Diego Department of Animal Services and local shelters, according to the San Diego Animal Welfare Coalition. Of those euthanasias, 4,185 were owner-requested citing “not healthy” as the reason, and 1,945 because dogs were determined to be “unhealthy and untreatable” by shelter staff.

The remaining 2,282 euthanasias were of healthy, adoptable dogs.

“So heartbreaking, so many great dogs are in need of training,” said Linda Michaels, M.A., and a Victoria Stilwell-licensed dog trainer. “Most dogs are abandoned because of a behavioral issue that became unbearable for the family.”

Ten years ago, Michaels was working on her master’s thesis when she began volunteering at the San Diego Humane Society….

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From left: Sandie Lampie, host, Pet Patrol on KUSI with dog trainer Victoria Stilwell and Linda Michaels, M.A. and a Victoria Stilwell-licensed dog trainer.